Welcome to Ms. Valdez-Cevallos' Basic English Class
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                                                  ENGLISH  2013-2014
Objective: to develop an appreciation of literature, and enhance writing and grammar skills.
Methods: Read silently and orally,short story and novel analysis,frequent writing and activities.
Required Materials: composition notebook, pens
Supplies: provided by EISD
                   Formative Grades: (50%)                            Summative Grades: (50%)
                    Warm-ups                                                        Tests
                       Notes                                                                Projects
                       Classwork/homework                                       Presentations
                       Quizzes                                                            Research
                       Writing Activities
Make-up work: If the student has an excused absence,any assignments due while the student is out will be accepted for full credit upon return. If a student is absent and misses an assignment,it is the student's responsibility to pick up missing work. Late work not due to excused absences will receive a grade no higher than a 70. 
Parents can contact me at: ivaldez@eisd.net or call me @ 444-8040 ext.3214
Teacher Schedule: Office-Room 222
 1st  pd. -   Co-Teach Eng.4 w/Mr.Martinez 116     
 2nd pd. -   ARD        
 3rd pd.  -  Conference        
           Lunch 1                
 4th  pd.-   Inclusion  
 5th  pd.-   Co-Teach Eng.3 w/Mr.Favarato 117 
 6th  pd.-   Co-Teach Eng.1 w/Ms. Cardenas 214
 7th  pd.-   Co-Teach Eng.2 w/Ms.Gomez 202