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Mr. Knopp


This is my 10th year at Kennedy. How did I prepare myself?


I got an excellent education!!


Associate in Science, Zoology, Antelope Valley College; Lancaster, California .


Bachelor of Arts, Zoology, University of California: Los Angeles, California


Candidate for Master of Science, Wildlife Management, Humboldt State University; Arcata, California


Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix, San Jose Division.


I spent many years working in laboratory environments. I bring practical worldly experience of the use and application of the integrated sciences.


20+ years of experience actually working in the integrated sciences. Retired U.S.

Army Medical Research and Development Command and Health Services Command.


I spent 10 years working in biomedical research. Major projects included Blood Substitutes (aka Artrificial Blood), for which I received two Army commendation medals. I also supported the World renowned Wound Ballistics Lab and related Military Trauma projects. This ranged from pure research to clinical application.


I spent an additional three years working in Clinical Research at Brooke Army Medical Center, providing critical research support for the hospital's medical program.  This gave more focus to applied research and clinical applications.


I also provided the operational supervision of Laboratory services at Brooke Army Medical Center as well as Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft. Lewis Washington.


Research Background:




‑"Evolution of the Mammary Gland", for Vertebrate Morphology under Dr. George A. Bartholomew

‑"Effects of Alcohol on Infection and Weight Gain in Rats Infected with Trypanosoma lewisi" for Parasitology under Dr. Austin J. MacInnis.




‑"Penguin Feeding Orientation" with Humboldt Penguins

‑breeding and nesting habits of exotic waterfowl.




‑"Distribution and Movements of Erethizon dorsatum epixantum in Humboldt County"

‑"Game Ranching: State of the Art"

‑"Environmental Impact Report: Humboldt State University Parking Structure"

‑"Instraspecific Behaviour of Western Yellow Haired Porcupines: Erethizon dorsatum epixantum"

 ‑"Game Ranching Techniques: Manipulation of Movement, Non‑nutritional Controls of Animal Movement"

‑"Cyclic Populations: Control Via Habitat Manipulation" 

‑"Endangered Species: The International Case in Developing Areas".

‑"Redwood Logging and Land Use Affecting Movements of Erethizon dorsatum




‑8202 through 8603‑ the Hemoglobin Project (aka Artificial Blood")

co-author of “Toxicity Studies of Stroma Free Hemoglobin as a Resuscitation Fluid”

            - 8805 through 9204 - Military Trauma (Wound Ballistics)


Honors Received:


Honors at Entrance to Northrup University, Inglewood, California; Graduation with Honors from Antelope Valley College; named to the State Honor Roll of Alpha Gamma Sigma for outstanding academic achievement and worthwhile service contributions to the local chapter; Life Member of Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society; holder of California State Scholarship to attend Northrup University as well as the University of California; Edwin C. Gulick Memorial Scholarship for work in Wildlife Management.