Welcome to the new school year and the wonderful world of Environmental Science and Physics. These notes are provided that you might have a better idea of what we will be doing for the next 36 weeks.


Materials that you need to bring daily are a pencil (or pen) and a journal for notes, assignments, etc. Journal maintenance will be part of your weekly grade. As a complete record of your scientific activities, journals will be a major source of study material for quizzes and tests.  


Laboratory investigations have been designed to illustrate and reinforce concepts being taught. Pay attention to all Safety Rules and procedures as directed. Absolutely no deviations will be tolerated. Your safety as well as of those around you depends on it. There is no such thing as a “joke”when it comes to safety standards


Warm-ups will be used to reinforce topics we have already covered and to introduce new topics. You will have a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes to complete them.


Direct Instruction: This will be an introduction to the day’s learning objective. It will provide the "WHAT", "WHY", and "HOW" of what the student will be expected to know upon completion of the lesson.


Activities: These will be used to add to or reinforce the concepts as well as to develop higher level thinking skills per Bloom's Taxonomy. Facts are fine, but are useless without a framework.    Activities may include problem solving, reading activities, mini-projects, etc. They may be individual efforts, pairs, or done in groups. They will always involve analysis of information, synthesis of knowledge, and evaluation of new situations.


Assessments: Grades are an indication of your mastery of the concepts and will be developed using everything we do. It is important that you PARTICIPATE in everything and complete all assignments and ON TIME. Tests and quizzes count 50% of your grade, so pay particular attention to taking good journal notes and studying them.


Homework: There will be some homework each week. Most assignments will be a reinforcement of the days lesson. These assignments will be gone over the following day.


Quizes will be given as needed between tests and may or may not be announced.


Tests: Tests will be administered at the end of each major Unit. Students can plan ahead by consulting the Topic Maps posted in the class room.


Make-up Work: In the event that you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments. You will have three school days following your return to the classroom in which to turn-in missing work. You will have five school days to make-up any test given. Daily quizzes generally cannot be made-up, therefore it will be important to turn in the homework for those days. 


Progress Reports: Edgewood ISD distributes progress reports at the end of every third week. Therefore, beginning on or about Wednesday September 15th,. you will receive a progress report. Mark your calendar every three weeks beginning then.


Let’s have a great year!

-Mr. Knopp