I do Inclusion in Social Studies.My duties as an Inclusion teacher is to identify the special needs student to the teacher.
I inform the teacher on the students disability, as well as test information. I give the teacher a copy of the IEP and discuss
it. I seek the teachers opinion on the IEP, and the Accomodation that is being  recommended. I also administer oral
administration if it is listed in the Accomodations during a test.If the student needs my assistance in an assignment or
a class project, I assist him or her. If the student is working in a group or individual project, I will direct him as to where
to go to gather information. I  also make the students  aware that I am there for the entire class. I keep the parents in-
formed as to their  progress. I make the parent aware that I am available to assist the parent and student in any way I can.