2013-2014 Expectations


 rulesI. Class Rules  

  1. Treat other as you would like to be treated
  2. Be on time, in your seat, and prepared to learn
  3. Classroom disruptions will not be tolerated
  4. Follow directions and complete all assignments
  5. Allow Mr. Perales to teach and others to learn
II. Pyramid of Consequences 
rewardsIII. Rewards 


  1. Praise (daily)
  2. Issue Confederate Bucks (random)
  3. Use of computer/games after completion of assignments (random)
  4. Whole-class radio time or free time (weekly)
  5. Snacks (Random)
III. Expectations 

a. Teacher Section

As your teacher, I hereby promise that I will try to my best ability to:


·         Treat you with respect and care as an individual

·         Provide you an orderly classroom environment

·         Provide the necessary discipline

·         Provide the appropriate motivation

·         Teach you the required content



b. Student Section


 I, ________________________, hereby promise that I will try to my best ability to:


·         Respect others and care for them as individuals

·         Attend class regularly and participate

·         Be cooperative and not disruptive

·         Study and do my work

·         Learn and master the required content

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