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Introduction: Greeting! Welcome to the Government & Economics webpage of Mr. Adan A. Perales.
Entering my 4th year at Kennedy High School, I have become aware of the fact that the community, students, and staff of Edgewood ISD are a very proud group of individuals. In particular, they take great pride in the many great things that have been accomplished through the decades at Kennedy High School. Likewise, they look to the future and support those things we as educators strive to accomplish. With that being said, I have little doubt that the 2013-2014 school year here at John F. Kennedy High School will be another great one! I ask that my students sit back, fasten their seat belts, and enjoy the ride through the fascinating endeavor of Senior government and economics!
Daily Attendance: Given the class structure, it is critical that one attends class daily. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete picture of Government/Economics and will make successful completion of the course difficult.
Grading: Although summative (weekly exams) and formative (daily work) grades are equally divided at 50%, there are fewer weekly exams. Thus, the daily work naturally has more weight for grading purposes throughout the 9-weeks period.
Homework: Only about 10% of the year's assignments will be homework. Most of the assigned work outside of the classroom will be self-directed reviewing (studying) for exams.
Mr. Adan A. Perales
Social Studies Department -- Government & Economics
phone: 210.444.8040 X3188
2013-14 Bell Schedule
1st Period (8:45-9:40)
2nd Period (9:43-10:42)
3rd Period (10:45-11:40)
4th Period (11:43-12:39)
Lunch (12:42-1:12)
5th Period (1:15-2:10)
6th Period (2:13-3:08)
7th Period (3:11-4:10)
2013-14 Class Schedule
1st Period - Government/Economics
2nd Period - Government/Economics
3rd Period - Government/Economics
4th Period - Economics/Government
5th Period - Conference
6th Period - Economics/Government
7th Period - Government/Economics
Typical class week: will most likely consist of powerpoint on Monday and Tuesday which will deliver the content for the week. On Wednesday, our task is to complete an activity/assignment which will check for understanding. Thursday is normally reserved for a review session which reinforces what was learned during the week. While Friday is spent completing a weekly exam and previewing a film snippet about the topic at hand.
For more information about procedures and expectation for the 2013-2014 school year, please visit the COURSE DESCRIPTION page. Or, you may contact me for any questions or concerns that you may have.
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