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As you all know, students in Texas must now earn four math credits to meet graduation requirements.  Currently we offer Math Models and PreCal.  In order to better meet the needs of our entire student population, we are looking into viable alternatives.  I will post information here from time to time on coursed we are considering.  You can come here to keep abreast and to view any of the curriculum available (you may want to teach one of these classes next year).
One option we are considering is Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM).  It would be offered as an Independent Study course using the curriculum on the following links:
                                                 AMDM Curriculum
                                                         Unit I
                                                         Unit II
                                                         Unit III
                                                         Unit IV
                                                         Unit V
                                                         Unit VI
                                                         Unit VII


Last Modified on August 24, 2013