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Name: Hope Taylor
Email Address: htaylor@eisd.net
Campus Phone number: 210-444-8025

Hello, my name is Hope Taylor and I am the librarian for Kennedy High School.

I have been the librarian at Kennedy HS since the beginning of the 1999 school year. Prior to that, I taught English and History in SAISD (Fox Tech HS and Wheatley MS) and Lytle ISD to students from 6th through 12th grade. I am the child of a military family and moved many times before high school, but I was born in San Antonio and we always came back here. I graduated from the other Rockets-- Judson High School.
My Bachelor's is from UTSA in English (support in History) and my Master's degree is from University of North Texas in Library and Information Science.
As a librarian, I have focused on keeping the KHS library as up-to-date as possible. I love suggestions from staff, students, and community members for new materials or changes to help things run smoothly. I respond well to email and phone messages, but I don't recommend paper notes, unless you hand them to me directly.
I have loved reading since I was a little child, and turn to books (hard-copy or ebook) for relaxation and de-stressing. My preferred genre for relaxing is fantasy/paranormal, although I enjoy classic literature, children's books, and certain types of biographies. I adore music of all types (ask me about Celtic music some time), and I enjoy cooking and eating diverse foods.
I share my life with my husband, 4 dogs, 3 birds, a pond full of fish, and a rabbit. Of these animals, 6 are rescued from being abandoned.


Ms. Taylor