Principles of Arts, A/V Technology & Communication

Careers in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications career cluster require, in addition to creative aptitude, a strong background in computer and technology applications, a strong academic foundation, and a proficiency in oral and written communication. Within this context, students will be expected to develop an understanding of the various and multifaceted career opportunities in this cluster and the knowledge, skills, and educational requirements for those opportunities.
Graphic Design & Illustration

First year instruction is designed to provide job-specific training for entry-level employment in graphic communications careers. Emphasis is on principles and use of art history, elements of design, electronic imaging, reproduction photography. Graphic Design and Illustration is a creative study of the art of visual communications and advertising through creativity, illustration, design, analysis, approach and technical skills. Students will improve communication skills by learning to communicate visually, describe and defend their work, interview clients, present completed layouts and develop electronic and a print portfolios.

This technical laboratory course provides an understanding of the various careers in media technology fields.  Students are introduced to media technology, digital photography, advertising design, and computer-generated graphics.


The student will use Adobe Flash to create animations, games, renders of the hand and face, create a website, place their work onto a website, create animations for cell phones, industry control panels, company logos, advertising, and local current business applications. A portfolio will be the student’s final product. The first year course is designed as an introduction to computer animation using industry standard software and hardware, and will include storyboarding. This interdisciplinary course will use the internet and other resources to research and develop animated computer projects.

This course will enhance skill development in modeling, materials development, camera placement, lighting, effective composition, storyboarding, and animation.  Introduction to multimedia presentation management will be included in this project oriented class with research into various areas of the animation industry.