The Academy Acting Company

Group 3
All students at the Fine Arts Academy who have taken an acting class, have the opportunity to audition to become part of the
Academy Acting Company
Company members are required to audition and perform in every production at the Fine Arts Academy.
Students audition at the end of the year to enter into the company the following year
. Selection is based on acting talent and dedication to the theatre program. 
Advanced Company
Melanie Delgado  Abel Levario  Katherine Prado  Jessika Torres Yesenia Olivares  
  Melanie Delgado       Abel Levario         Katherine Prado      Jessika Torres        Yesenia Olivares   
'14                          '14                            '14                             '14                           '14                                                                         
Raymond Hernandez Celeste Lozano  Jose Ortiz  Chris Cerda Adelicia Cardenas
Raymond Hernandez  Celeste Lozano         Jose Ortiz              Chris Cerda            Adelicia Cardenas 
             '14                        '15                             '15                       '15                            '16
 Jessalyn Bautista  Jennifer Carreon  April Gutierrez
      Jessalyn Bautista      Jennifer Carreon       April Gutierrez  
         '16                               '16                           '16                                              
 Intermediate Company 
John Sancho   Jennifer Lopez  Sebastian Herrera Amanda Valdez
     John Sancho          Jennifer Lopez         Sebastian Herrera   Amanda Valdez 
            '16                           '16                               '16                        '16
Stage Manager-Diego Maldonado 
Asst. Stage Manager 1- Ernest Cortez
Asst. Stage Manager 2- Claudia Enriquez
Light Operator- Abraham Hernandez