Ms. Walters

6th / 7th Grade Math Teacher
My goals for this year are for my students to:
  • learn the value of math and how we use it in our everyday lives,
  • improve their math knowledge and skills so they will pass the STAAR test and be successful in future math classes,
  • be respectful of themselves and others and work cooperatively with their teacher and classmates, and
  • be responsible and honest in doing class work and homework so that they will reach their goals.
I believe all students can learn math if they stay on task, are making an effort, and are completing all assignments and homework.  The following guidelines are some attitudes and behaviors that will help all students to succeed:
  • Be at school everyday,
  • Stay on task - Focus and Listen in class,
  • Be willing to learn topics that may be difficult at first, 
  • Participate in class and complete all assignments,
  • Ask questions when you don't understand,
  • Always do your best and never give up!!