6th Grade Mathematics

This year, the district has adopted a new curriculum.  This curriculum is called CSCOPE and it bases all lessons on student engagement through the use of activities and manipulatives.  The sixth grade scope and sequence are designed to connect to the way students think by drawing on their prior knowledge and relating math to their everyday lives.  The students will often work together in groups to share ideas and solve problems, just like we do in the workplace everyday.  Our goal is to build strong math skills by constantly checking for understanding and immediately applying the skills to real world, problem-solving situations.  Instruction will be based on the EISD curriculum, aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) requirements. 

Materials needed for Class   


·        3in-Binder with a section for math

·        Two subject spiral notebooks (70 pages-college ruled) for each nine weeks.

·        Spirals will need to be replaced as needed

·        # 2 pencils and red checking pens

·        Loose Leaf notebook paper


Grading Policy


          1st and 3rd nine weeks     

                     Journal                                                5%

                   Binder (weekly checks)                         5%                       1st Semester

                   Homework                                         10%                               1st nine weeks             40%

                   Classwork                                          20%                               2nd nine weeks           40%  

          Quizzes                                            15%                               Semester exam          20%  

                   Tests/Projects                                      25%                                         Total              100%

                   Nine Weeks Exam                               20%                     

                             Total                                                  100%


2nd and 4th nine weeks

          Journal                                              5% 

          Binder (weekly checks)                    10%                      2nd Semester

                   Homework                                         15%                               3rd nine weeks          40%  

                   Classwork                                          20%                                4th nine weeks         40%  

                   Quizzes                                               20%                               Semester exam         20%  

                   Tests/Projects                                     30%                                        
Total               100%

            Total                                                  100%


          Final Grade for the year         1st semester + 2nd semester ÷ 2= Average (must be 70 or above)


Quizzes may be announced or given unexpectedly.  Quizzes will be based on notes and daily work practices.


Homework Policy


1.     Homework is due at the beginning of class.

2.     Homework assignments are to be written in student’s agenda.

3.     Homework will be graded based on accuracy, effort, selected problems or completion.


Make-up work


1.     It is the student’s responsibility to pick up missed assignments, get missed notes taken in class from a friend and schedule any missed test or quiz with the teacher.

2.     Students have as many days (up to 5) as they were absent (excused) to make up missed work.

3.     Test and quiz make-ups will be given before or after school and must be scheduled.


Extra Help


Extra help during the year will be available during tutorial times scheduled regularly or by appointment.  Students can also receive help in the after school program.


Conference Period


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me to schedule a team conference during our conference period which is 10:05 – 10:50. 


Substitute Policy


Wrenn has a no tolerance policy concerning unacceptable behavior in the classroom while a substitute is covering for the regular teacher.  Should a student disrupt the class, show disrespect toward a substitute or be reported to the regular teacher by the substitute for infraction of any rules, the student will be written up and referred to the assistant principal or will be held after school for detention after given proper notice.