• ISS picture taken as it passes the moon!

    Posted by Christopher Herrera at 1/30/2014 9:00:00 PM
    The article speaks for itself as does the high resolution image ^^
     This picture was taken using nothing less then perfect timing. The International Space Station (ISS) is moving so quickly it passes in front of the Moon for only half a second!
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  • It fell from the sky...and it had 8 legs!

    Posted by Christopher Herrera at 2/12/2013
    Down in Brazil a photographer came upon a strange and somewhat horrific site. It seems a species of spiders native to the area has a habit of spinning community webs high up in the power lines. It makes sense from the perspective of the spider as it can catch more insects to eat with a larger web. Not all spiders are so social and can be downright hostile to other spiders.
    In any case, watching the video definitely gave me the chills especially after seeing the LARGER spiders, which appear to be much slightly larger than an adult hand!

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  • All the stars there ever were and ever will be...EVER!

    Posted by Christopher Herrera at 11/16/2012

    So it appears the universe is all tapped out. Astronomers from around the world concluded a research study suggesting the universe is no longer churning out new stars and has in fact made all the stars it ever will. What some people don't realize is when you look up at the night sky some of the stars you are viewing have been dead for many thousands of years (or you are looking at a planet and not a star at all :p) Starlight traveling over great distances will continue to travel even if the star itself has been long extinguished.

    Without the creation of new stars the future is looking pretty dim...the way, way distant future that is.
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  • The Human Genome: How knowing your genes can help but also hurt.

    Posted by Christopher Herrera at 10/9/2012 2:00:00 PM
    Can you imagine paying a small amount of money to learn whether you have the gene that causes cancer? How about learning whether you will spend your later years stricken with Alzheimer's (a disease that affects memory?) Gene research is becoming cheaper and results from genome sequencing are becoming faster to achieve. The idea is the more you know about your body's genes the better doctor's will be able to treat you. This may sound great, but what if your genome showed you getting a disease for whcih there is currently no sure? Sometimes it's better not to know...  
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