Science Fair Experiment


Dear Parents,


            This year at E.T. Wrenn Middle School, all students will be required to complete a science experiment.  This is a great opportunity for your child to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in Science.  These projects allow students to show their problem solving skills while interacting with the environment.  To assist our students completion of this district requirement, the E.T. Wrenn Science Instructors have set up the following due dates to help manage student time properly and earn a good grade.  We hope that parents will assist their child in completing this out of class project.  Students will have more than four and a half months to complete the project.


Below are the science experiment components and their due dates; NO LATE projects will be accepted.


1.      Students need to select a Topic that interests them and submit in writing a QUESTION or PROBLEM on something that interests them and a HYPOTHESIS (educated guess) by October 30, 2015.  REMEMBER the hypothesis must be in an “if and then” format.


2.      Students should start to plan and design their experiment.  All procedures and materials lists for the experiment will be due on November 20, 2015.  


3.      Students should begin to carry out their experiments over the weeks of December 7th – January 8th Students need to gather their materials and proceed with performing their experiments.  They should also manage their time wisely and not procrastinate (wait or put off).


4.      Student will turn in completed data, charts, graphs, pictures, and results on January 22, 2016.


5.      After experiment is complete students should start to analyze their data and determine a CONCLUSION.  This should be completed and turned in on February 5, 2016


6.      The final project with display board is due on March 21, 2016.  All students will turn in a Display Board and Report with the following items:

1.      Name of Student, Title of Experiment, and Date

2.      Question

3.      Hypothesis

4.      Method and materials used

5.      Data – graphs, charts, pictures, etc.

6.      Conclusion

7.      Bibliography- reference books, encyclopedias, internet sites, etc.                                                                


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