8th Grade Science, E.T. Wrenn Middle School

Course Description: This classroom is dedicated to the understanding of Science principles and concepts.  Students will learn a variety of information ranging from Earth Science to Space Science.  The objectives of this class are to advance students' understanding of Science and prepare them for future academic success. 
Classroom Expectations and Procedures for
Ms. Hernandez’s Classroom
E.T. Wrenn Middle School- 8th Grade Science 2013-2014 

Dear Parent/Guardian:


            Your child is enrolled in my Science class this year.  The E.T. Wrenn Middle School faculty takes the responsibility of educating your child with great sincerity.  We believe every child has the ability to excel.  We teach students the value of respect and responsibility by giving them respect and responsibility; with that said there are key expectations and procedures that will ensure your student’s success this school year.


Classroom Expectations

All students are required to adhere to the following expectations in the classroom:


  1. Students must have all necessary materials for class.  That includes, but is not limited to paper, pencils, Science Journals, and homework.
  2. Students must be in their assigned seats at all times.  You must never be out of you seat without permission.  To get permission you have to raise your hand and wait to be called on.
  3. Students must follow directions the first time they are given. 
  4. Students must treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.  I will never disrespect you or your classmates, and I ask that you respect everyone in the class.
  5. Students must follow all procedures and policies as outlined by the E.T. Wrenn Middle School Student Code of Conduct.


Classroom Procedures

In addition to classroom expectations students must also follow classroom procedures; we have procedures in place so that tasks are done efficiently.


1.   Students will enter the classroom quietly and sit at their assigned seats.

2.   When exiting the classroom for any reason including, school activities, lunch, and other classroom periods, students will be released by rows.  No one is to leave until their row is called.

3.   During instruction and while performing class work, students must be quiet unless directed to work in pairs or groups.  If a student has a question, comment, or concern, they must raise their hand and wait to be called on before proceeding to talk.

4.   Students will only be allowed to leave their seats when permission is granted.  If you need to sharpen your pencil, use the bathroom, or need to be up for any other reason, you must raise you hand for permission.

5.   Bathroom breaks cannot be taken during the first 15 minutes of the class. Students must also have their bathroom passes in order to leave the room.

6.   All Science students are required to keep a Science Journal.  Journals are very important and must be kept neatly and in order.

7.   When the teacher raises her hand and asks “May I have your attention please?” attention is to be given immediately.  There should be no talking or whispering.

8.   When students are completed with classroom assignments, they must have their work checked by the teacher before moving on to another activity.

9.   Students cannot bring any food or drinks into the classroom.  The only exception is a note from the nurse.

10. Cosmetics, electronic games, MP3 players, head phones, cell phones, Ipods/Ipads, and other distracting objects are not permitted in class.  These items will be confiscated.  All electronic items must be picked up from the office, but cosmetics will not be returned.


Classroom Materials

All students are required to have the following items (many of these items will  be provided by the school):


1.      Two Composition Notebooks

2.      Pencils and Erasers

3.      One folders with fasteners

4.      Color pencils/crayons

5.      2 Large glue sticks

6.      1 liquid glue container

7.      Pencil Sharpener


Class work and Homework Policy

Students will have an opportunity to improve failing grades (students cannot make-up work that has earned a grade of 0 unless pulled by a tutor). Students will be allowed to correct assignments and credit, however; the corrected assignment grade will be averaged with the original assignment grade for the final grade for the assignment. 


Students who are missing homework assignments due to an absence will have to complete the assignment upon return.  It is the responsibility of the student to collect missed work from the instructor and turn it in the following day.  Missing assignments must be picked up afterschool so that class time is not interrupted.

Corrective Actions


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Stage One and Seat change (if required)
  3. Parent phone contact
  4. Parent Contact/After School Detention
  5. Office Referral

Positive Actions

  1. Home contact
  2. Privileges (e.g. seating, homework pass, etc.)
  3. Hornets Nest
  4. Open activity time
  5. Class Reward


I greatly encourage parents to be active with students’ studies, not only to help them in Science but to support their overall education at E.T. Wrenn Middle School. If you have any questions or concerns please call (210) 444-8475.


Thank you,


Ms. Hernandez

ET Wrenn Middle School
8th Grade Science