Students will take an exciting  journey through different important historical eras.  The journey begans with the establishment of the 13 colonies and the reasons associated with each one's existance.   

Next, the students will visit the Revolutionary Era and meet some of the early leaders of this exciting period.  Here is where students are introduced to such legendary leaders as Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.  Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence is also introduced and associated with our celebration of 4th of July.

The Constitutional Era follows giving students insight on the struggles faced by our nation's early leaders in creating a government acceptable to all.  The branches of government are studied in detail with special attention given to making sure students understand the vital role each play in our nations government.

Westward Expansion is another era studied that emphasizes the growth and mind set of the United States and its people.  Highlights of this era are the Mexican War and the various territorial acquisitions that lead to the growth of the United States.

The journey wraps up with the Civil War and the importance of strong leadership as exhibited by Abraham Lincoln.  The primary causes of the Civil War are examined in detail in order to gain an understanding of this sad period in our nation's history.  Reconstruction, rebuilding our nation as one, as opposed to North & South, is also looked at to gain an understanding of the challenges our nation faced after the Civil War.

Students shoud be expected to be challenged educationally as we go on this exciting trip during their Social Studies class.