World Geography at a Glance



2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR


Course Description: This course provides a study of World Geography, in addition to other Social Studies skills such as interpreting maps, charts and graphs, investigating and studying primary sources of history, and understanding interactions between humans and the environment.  This course will cover all aspects of geography,and will include the study of the influences and factors on the world such as Geography, Economics, Government, Citizenship, Culture, Science and Technology,Constitutional Heritage and Global Relations.


Student Expectations: Students are expected to:

(1)   arrive to class on time, ready to learn

(2)   show respect for themselves, other students,the teacher, and the entire school

(3)   complete all assignments either in theclassroom and/or for homework


Classrooom Discipline: Disruption of class time will not be tolerated.  Students who insist upon disrupting theteaching and learning environment will face the consequences of theirdecision.  Disciplinary measures willinclude:  after-school detention in theclassroom, lunch detention, School or Team OCS, and/or After-School Detention.  All disciplinary problems will be reported home to a parent/guardian either by phone call, letter, or home visit by theteacher.


Grading Policy:  Edgewood Independent School District sets the grading policy as follows:

          Nine WeeksGrades – 4 total

          50% =Formative (Daily work, Journals, Notes, Worksheets, etc.)

          50% =Summative (Exams, Reports, Projects, Folder Checks)




In addition, the STAAR World Geography End of Course (EOC)exam will comprise 15% of the student’s final grade.


Assignments:  The class will be doing a variety of assignments related to World Geography throughout the school year.  Some examples are:

(1)  Class Notes

(2)  Book Notes

(3)  Readings

(4)  Chapter Questions and Reviews

(5)  Computer Based Projects

(6)  Worksheets

(7)  Exam Reviews

(8)  Group Work

(9)  Subject Folder:  all work for each 9 weeks should be kept in a binder.  There will be a folder check at least one (1) time each 3 week grading period. The Subject Folder grade will count as a major test grade for the 9 week grading period.


Tutoring/Assistance:  Tutoring will be required for some students based on CSCOPE unit exam scores, benchmarks, or other considerations as deemed necessary by the teacher. Further information regarding these tutoring sessions will be given provided at a later date.


In addition, if you have a question over any material we cover in class, please ASK FOR HELP!  That’s why I’m here, to help you! If there is not enough time in class to answer your question or give the assistance you need, I am always available before school (see me for a pass), or after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
Again, if you need help, please ASK!