Name: Miguel J. Pena
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Campus Phone number:(210)444-8075

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My focus is to allow all of my students to feel that they have control of their learning experience. In my opinion the best way to do that is by creating a sense of personal incentive on the course material without losing site of the curriculum goals. I feel that students will become more involved if the subject matter will align itself with their own personal interests and experiences. By drawing on prior knowledge and offering new experiences, my students will have a stronger grasp on the relevance of the subject matter.

I feel that the most significant factor of effective teaching is the instructor's genuine enthusiasm in class and honest interest in the students well being. I also believe that teachers should have high expectations of their students and set ambitious but not unreasonable goals. The best way for me to describe my teaching philosophy is to use the notion of a journey.



Miguel J. Peña

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Me at work
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