Instructional Resource Page - Thinking Maps

This is an example of the different thinking maos that we will be incorporating into our daily instruction.

sensory details are an important part of Narrative writing. Use the following link to
view a sample of some sensory details and try to add them to your writing.

 The Writing Process
 Planning: it is important to plan out your drafts this includes brainstorming or
outlining depending on the author's purpose.
Drafting: The author should write out their first draft in order to get all of their ideas out on paper.
Revising: The author should always re-read their work in order to improve the quality of writing. Important things to look for would include but are no limited to voice, control, focus, coherence, and the over-all message.
Editing: Writers should edit for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Publishing. Your final draft should be neat clean and clear of any simple mistakes. This is the point in your writing process when you are ready to present your finished work.

Warmup: 1-17-14
Winter Olympics
With the winter Olympics just around the corner what events if any are you 
expecting to watch?


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