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READ 180 is an intensive reading intervention program for students in the intermediate, middle and high school grades. This comprehensive program is designed to confront the problem of low reading achievement using topic software, repeated oral reading practice and language development strategies. Multicultural content make the program relevant to students from diverse backgrounds. Daily lessons include rotations using whole group instruction, small group skill-specific instruction, individualized software instruction and independent reading. 

Class Content & Progress Monitoring
Read 180 is a reading and writing intervention program that aims to raise student reading and writing levels, as well as academic achievement. It includes the following components:

*Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)

The Scholastic Reading Inventory is a computer-based test that assesses student reading level for program placement.  The students will take the test several times throughout the year to measure progress.


Students work with topics on the computer to practice reading comprehension, spelling, proofreading and word attack skills. Each topic guides the students through a variety of activities including a video, the Reading Zone, Word Zone and Spelling Zone. Students must complete activities in each zone in order to reach the Success Zone and move to the next reading passage.


Students will be expected to:

1. Sit in the assigned area

2. Log on as soon as they get to the computer

3. Start in the Reading Zone and try to work some in each zone 

5. Make sure to read clearly and fluently into the microphone when recording

6. Not to talk to or distract other students

7. Stay on Read 180 and not access other sites while logged in

8. Be actively working on Read 180 software for a minimum of 18 minutes per day

9. Log off quickly and be ready to move

*Reading Area (Audio and Paperback Books), Reading Counts Quizzes
Students read in class everyday. Students select books and chart their progress in a reading log. Students use the Reading Counts program to take quizzes on the computer. When a student completes a book, she/he takes a quiz to test their knowledge of the book. Students must re-read the book and re-take the quiz if they score less than 70 percent.

Students will be expected to:

1. Bring their binder, reading log, and pencil

2. Find their book (or audiobook) quickly, quietly, and sit down  

3. Select a book and finish it

4. Make sure they are actively reading  

6. Fill out their reading log each day. It will be graded once a week. Each day will be worth 20 points. Comments/notes must be specific information about what you’ve read. If a student is absent, they are responsible for writing absent in their log.  

7. Put their book back in the correct spot when finished

8. Let the teacher know when they finish a book so they can take the test.  They will have three opportunities to take and pass the test. If they do not pass it the first time, then reread the book and take the test again.

*Small and Whole Group ( Mini-Lessons/Quizzes)
Teacher-led mini-lessons focus on reading strategies and skill practices, and quizzes are given to gauge student understanding.

Students are expected to:

1. Have their book, notebook, folder, and pencil

2. Participate and follow directions

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