6th GradeEnglish, Language Arts, and Reading (ELAR)


Teacher:  Mrs. Ricondo



Middle School English Language Arts and Reading class is the forum forstudents to explore and understand the past, present, and future throughliterature and writing.  By readingvarious genres of literature; such as mystery, science fiction, poetry andhistorical fiction; students will broaden, relate to, and share each other’sperspectives.  Their voices will not onlybe heard through discussions about literature, but through their writing aswell.  Through encouragement, support,and fun, ELAR will successfully educate and hopefully inspire our young writersand readers to become authors. 


Classroom Rules

1)     Be on time andready to learn.

2)    Complete allassignments on time.

3)    Listen whileothers are speaking.

4)    Respect eachother’s opinions, space, and belongings.

5)    Keep hands, feet,and materials to yourself.


Discipline Plan

If a student breaks a rule stated above, the following consequenceswill occur:

1)     Verbal reminder

2)    Parent contactvia phone or home visit

3)    Detentionafterschool or during lunch

4)    Student meetswith teacher, parents, and administrator

5)    Office referral


Grade Breakdown and Policy

Grades are broken down into two categories:


-  Homework/Daily Work:  50% .  Students will be given 5 vocabulary wordsevery Monday.  Homework may be assignedevery Wednesday.


-         This consists ofcompletion of daily warm up, vocabulary exercises/homework, and literaturestudy guides.

            -  Literature study guides include questions forreading             

                comprehension in various formats, such asshort answer,

                multiple choice, and fill in the blank.


-         Lateassignments:  Late assignments will beaccepted. 

o  1 day late-deduct10 points

o  2 dayslate-deduct 15 points

o  3 dayslate-deduct 20 points

-  Quizzes/Tests: Students will be tested on Thursday or Friday overthe TEKS that they were taught that week.

Grading Scale

A  =  100% – 90%

B  =  89% – 80%

C  =  79% – 75%

D =  74% - 70%

F  =  Below 69%



-  During an excused absence (ex.illness, travel), that student is allowed the number of days absent in order tomake-up work.  If student was absent fortwo days, he/she has two days to make up the assignment.


-  During an unexcused absence(ex. suspension, truancy), assignments are due the day the student returns toclass.   Any late work will result in apercentage deduction such as that for late assignments (stated above in GradeBreakdown and Policy).



Tutoring Schedule


I will be available for tutoring on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:00-4:30.  Any student is welcomed to attend tutoring tocomplete homework, assistance with anything they do not understand, or tofinish classwork/make-up work.


Last Modified on February 28, 2013