Syllabus and Classroom Procedures
Student Expectations:
Students are expected to:

(1) Arrive to class on time, ready to learn

(2) Show respect for themselves, other students, the teacher, and the entire school

(3) Complete all assignments either in the classroom and/or for homework


Classroom Discipline: 
Disruption of class time will not be tolerated. Students who insist upon disrupting the teaching and learning environment will face the consequences of their decisions. Disciplinary measures will include: student conference, phone call to parents, after-school detention in the classroom, lunch detention, School or Team OCS, and/or D-TAP. All disciplinary problems will be reported home to a parent/guardian either by phone call, letter, or home visit by the teacher.
Restroom and Nurse:
You may ask by using the “restroom signal”.  Only one student will be allowed to go at a time.  If you are given permission, you will sign the Restroom Log and take the pass.  If you need to see the nurse, you may notify me privately.
Sharpen my pencil:
You may ask by holding up your pencil.  Do not get up out of your seat without permission.

7th Grade Curriculum:



Mini-Assessments will be given after every lesson.  The Chapter Assessments will be at the end of each Chapter.  District CBA Assessment will be given twice a 9-weeks.      District CBA dates


Tutoring will be provided on a weekly basis after school.  Any student who needs extra assistance, help with missed/late work, or lessons missed when absent are encouraged to attend.
It is your responsibility to make-up any missing work in a timely manner.  You need to make arrangements with me to find out what assignments you missed or look at the weekly board.

Grading Policy - 1) A minimum of three grades will to be entered per week. Grades must reflect student mastery of TEKs.  2) A weekly Grade level assessment will be given to each student. The assessments may be EISD designated Chapter tests, EISD CBA's,  or 7th grade designed assessments.

50% Formative grades (Daily Work, Participation, Homework,Interactive Student Notebook)

50% Summative grades (Chapter Unit Assessments, Projects, Performance Indicators, District CBAs)


Homework Policy-  This homework will be given 3-4 days a week.  Student will complete the homework at home and bring it back the next school day.  Failure to do so will result in a Parent Contact.
Your child has the opportunity to correct any paper that is returned to them for a new grade.  No student should ever fail my Math class.  See attached video in Math Podcast for the information about correcting papers.



7th grade - Year at a Glance  (This document shows when every 7th grade TEK is taught.  If you let the cursor hover over the TEK, it will show you specifically the content of that TEK.)





Gus Garcia Middle School(1-210-444-8075)

7th grade Team Conference Time:  12:57pm –1:51 pm








 Revised October, 2013

Last Modified on August 23, 2014