In order to access the 6th grade textbook, go to the McGraw Hill website and enter the name of the book and follow the instructions for logging into the online version. The code below is what you will need to access the book online. 
6th Grade McGraw Hill World Culture and Geography 
World Cultures & Geography, Texas Student Learning Center 2016 Student Edition


 World Cultures and Geography, Texas LearnSmart Student Edition 2016 Student Edition
CIA World Factbook is a web site that will be used throughout the year.  
Use the following site to research countries for geographical, political, economic information.
Primary Source materials include political cartoons. We use them to learn about issues and events from the past and also from the present. The website below can be used to help evaluate political cartoons. The activity this website will be used for will focus on evaluating political cartoons on Latin America.
This activity has students finding information on cultural, geographic, and historical aspects of a South American country. Poster project instructions for South America can be found in this file.
The Countries of Latin America Poster project
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