Course Description & Expectations

Students in the L.I.F.E. Unit are graded on an individual bases, based on their Individual Educational Plan.  Students are given every opportunity to participate in the General Education Setting.  Socialization with their general peers is also highly encouraged.  Each student is given classwork assignments at his or her individual functional level.  Homework is assigned every Monday and students are expected to turn in the completed work on every Thursday.  Weekly teacher made tests are given once a week in all subjects.  If a student is absent, he / she has two additional days to complete his assignments.  Progress Reports are sent home every three weeks and nine grade report cards are sent home via mail as all other students.  In addition, students are expected to follow all school rules as well as dress code. Courtesy, Respect, and Responsibility are three fundamental things MS. Aguilar's Life Unit Class is expected to follow throughout the school setting.  


Last Modified on September 5, 2015