English Language Arts Reading

Course Description/Objective

It is the design of the course and the curriculum to allow the students to become better readers, listeners, speakers, writers, to better understand the English language, and to become critical thinkers.  It is through the guide of the following objectives that will allow you to obtain the above.


You will be able to:
*Demonstrate a basic understanding of culturally diverse written texts *Apply knowledge of literary elements to understand culturally diverse written texts.
*Use a variety of strategies to analyze culturally diverse written texts.
*Apply critical thinking skills to analyze culturally diverse written text.


Academic/Behavioral Expectations


In order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment in which ALL students can learn, it is important a few guidelines be followed. 

1. Follow district guidelines and standards. (Student Code of Conduct)
2. Follow Brentwood Middle School’s rules and procedures.
3. Perform to your highest ability.
4. Set goals.
5. Allow for challenges.
***If violations to the Academic/Behavioral Expectations are made the students will face consequences in line with the District Student Code of Conduct.  (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Handbook for specific explanations of various violations.)

Grading Policy
The district guidelines are set forth as followed.
1. Formative Grades – ex.(class work, homework, group work, interactive notebook)
2. Summative Grades – ex.(test, quizzes, projects)
Late Work Policy


If you are absent you are allowed to make-up the work upon arrival to school.  It is your responsibility to obtain the make-up work after school.  To receive full credit you will have to return the make-up work within 3 classroom days upon arrival to school.

Did not complete or forgot to complete:

If you did not complete or forgot turn in an assignment you will have the chance to turn it in late.  The late work will be marked off 10 points for every day passed the due date.



Tutoring will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-4:45.  Tutoring may become part of a student’s Individual Academic Improvement Plan and they might be required to attend, but all students are encouraged to attend.  If you need individual homework help, arrangements can be made with your teacher.



It is your responsibility to bring all supplies to class on a daily basis.

*Pen and Pencil


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