Exploring Science All Around Us

What will you do in science this year?

We are going to be studying physical and earthscience, physics, chemistry, astronomy, the study of space andmeteorology (the study of weather).

You will also be doing experimental design through science fair by following the scientific method. Critical thinking,reasoning skills, listening skills and team work are going to be very importantin science this year.  During labs,activities and investigation you will be working together with other studentsto achieve a common goal and learn the most you can from the experience.

To help you record and reflect on what you arelearning, you will be using a Science Interactive Notebook (SIN).  The SIN will contain vocabulary,graphic organizers, important assignments, labs, tests andvarious note taking methods to facilitate your learning. By using the SIN, wewill focus heavily on content, organization,and reading and writing to deepen your understanding of science. The SIN will serve as a review guide for the STAAR test at theend of the year. The STAAR test is a test on the not just the whole 8th grade year, but also key concepts that you learned in 6th and 7th grade. 


What do I expect of you?

Do the best every day.  Remember that our classroom is a safe environment that you can ask or say appropriate comments in.  I expect EVERYONE to RESPECT not just me, but eachother as well.   Doyour part to help yourself by consistently being on-time and actively participating in your learning during and outside of class.  I am here to teachand support you, but the responsibility of learning is ultimately yoursRemember to "Have a good day, and make good choices."