Welcome to 7th grade Science with Ms. Menchaca-Martinez


   Welcome to an exciting year of science like none you have tackled before! 7th grade science
is an appetizer to high school biology.  We will be investigating topics centered around the matter and energy conserved throughout living systems and the force, mot
ion and energy of living systems and the environment. We willalso be investigating the challenges of living and working in space and theamazing daily functions and challenges of living organisms on our planet Earth.I hope you find this year to be challenging and interesting as we prepare foryour future science classes.

Ms. Menchaca-Martinez            

 The following is some basic information about my schedule-
Ms. Menchaca-Martinez's Daily Schedule   room 226






8:00 – 8:15


8:15 – 8:43

In Class Tutoring

8:43 – 9:35

7th grade Pre-AP Science




9:39 – 10:31

7th grade Science




10:35 – 11:27

7th grade Science




11:31 – 12:22

Department Conference

12:27 – 12:57





1:01 – 1:53

7th grade Pre-AP Science




1:57 – 2:49

7th grade Science




2:53 – 3:45

7th grade Science

Meet the Teacher
       My name is Ms. Menchaca-Martinezand I am your science teacher for the 2013-2014 school year.   I am native to San Antonio attending several universities and settling at the University of San Antonio for my bachelors in Education. After several years of teaching I returned to school attending Our Lady of the Lake University to earn a Master of Education- Curriculum and Instructionof Integrated  Science and hours towards administration.  I currently hold state certifications in Elementary instruction grades 1-6, Science instruction grade 4-8 and Principalship EC-grade12.
       This is my thirtieth year teaching at Brentwood Middle School and during this time I have been a bit busy. I have taught 7th and 8th grade science, Integrated Physics andChemistry during the school day and 6th grade Science with the Greater San Antonio After School All-Stars program.  I have also participated in various organizations at school ranging such as UIL Science coach, UIL Dictionary Skills Coach, Cheerleading Sponsor, 7th grade Team leader, 8th grade Team leader and Science Department Head.  I have also had to privilege work with other district science teachers in developing curriculum and writing and reviewing district assessments. 
      As a lifelong learner I am always interested in discovering new information relating it to my everyday life. As a teacher I strive to do the same for you. Science is everyway- I like to think that Science is LIFE. Being able to understand and apply this knowledge to what you do on a daily basis is a skill I will help you develop and hope you continue to nuture after our time together.



  Contact information-

1. By email vmenchaca@eisd.net

2. By phone 210 444-7675 ext. 1740
Be careful-I DO NOT have voicemail.
3. Leaving a messege with the office at
    444-7675 to recieve a call back in a day
    or two.