Ms. McKee's 7th/ 8th Grade Mathematics

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 Welcome to Brentwood Middle School 2013-2014

Brentwood Middle School  provides a safe, secure and challenging learning environment, through the responsible use of all resources, to afford opportunities for all students to realize their individual potential and to become responsible and productive members of society.

7th/8th Grade goal

The goals both 7th and 8th grade Math classes are to improve our Mathematics skills and abilities and to meet the passing standard for the STAAR test and  prepare our students for success in High School and beyond.  
8th Graders will learn 6 Main Objectives:
 I.    Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning
 II.  Patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking
III. Geometry and spatial reasoning
IV.  Measurement
V.   Probability and Statistics
VI.  Underlying processes and mathematical tools.