Rules and Regulations

Edgewood ISD will provide transportation for any student who lives more than two miles away from school or for which there is a certified hazardous situation noted in compliance with TEC, Section 42.155


Students will not be permitted to have “Fluctuating Schedules”. This means that they will not be allowed to get off at any location. The rule is that where you are picked up, that is where you will be dropped off.


The District has established certain criteria to determine the use of various locations for bus stops within the District boundaries. While each route composition is unique, the typical walk to bus stop may range from 0.1 miles or less. Regular routes are being provided at various schools that meet the criteria of two miles or more or certified hazardous.

Rules and Regulation Handbooks 


If you have any questions on transportation, please contact your individual schools for registration information and for route pick-up locations. You can also call the Transportation Department.
Special Needs Transportation
The District also provides transportation for Special Needs. Students eligible for special needs transportation will be contacted by their school regarding transportation.
Parents Responsibility for Students Walking to Bus Stop

Parents shall assume the responsibility for their students traveling back and forth from home to the bus stop. The rule is very clear that any child 9 years of age or younger must be picked up by a parent/guardian or the child will be retuned to their home campus.