8th Grade Math &

Math Strategies Course Description


 Class Syllabus

In Math Strategies, we will practice and master different types of mathematic computations and learn how to recognize when to apply learned math strategies. You will be expected to complete all work as well as to explain your understanding aloud in class to the best of your ability. You will also have opportunities to work in groups for projects and presentations.
Daily Work, Homework, and Quizzes= 50%
Tests and Projects= 50%
*Late Work
I suggest that you not get in the habit of turning in work late, as it will only put you behind in this class. Unless there is an excused absence, all work will begiven a grade of a 70 at most. 
I cannot teach you and you cannot learn if you are not here consistently. If you are absent regularly, your grade will fall and I will be calling home. If you are absent, whether excused or unexcused, it is your responsibility to come to me before or after class so that I can give and explain to you the work you missed. Please be responsible and ask.
Class Rules
1. Be on time.
This is important so that we can get class started immediately as every moment in the classroom is precious and shouldn't be wasted.
2. Be prepared.
I ask that students have something to write with as well as something to write on. I also ask that students come to school, and especially my class, prepared to learn and to think.
3. Be respectful.
Students should be respectful to me, to each other, to themselves, and to anyone who comes into our classroom. That means we should speak to eachother in a respectful way and never use words that are hateful or rude.
4. Leave class only when dismissed by the Teacher.
Students should be seated and all books, desks, and supplies should have been put up before the bell rings. If this is not done, we will stay until it is.