Hello! Welcome to my page!
Name: Maria C. Cardenas
Email Address: mcardenas@eisd.net
Campus Phone number: 444-8230 ext 1568

I was born and raised in Del Rio, Texas.  I graduated from Del Rio High School.  My goal to become an educator of the deaf took me to Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.   In 1983, I received my Bachelor of Science in Deaf Education from TWU.  Upon graduating, I moved back to Del Rio and taught deaf children there for 3 years.   I proudly recognize the fact that I know three languages: English, Spanish and American Sign Language. 
In 1986, I married my husband of 25 years.  We relocated to San Antonio and have been here since then.  We have raised 3 beautiful girls.  Our oldest graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station and works as an engineer in Houston, Tx.  Our #2 daughter is about to complete her studies at Northwest Vista and relocate to Shriener University to study nursing. Our youngest is a sophomore in high school. 
In 1986, I was hired by Edgewood ISD.   My career in EISD started off at Jose Cardenas Center teaching in a LIFE Unit.  After two years there, I was moved to Winston Elementary to begin segregating our students with disabilities.  I worked at Winston for 2 years in a LIFE Unit.  After four years of working with this special population, I was interviewed to be the district’s teacher for deaf students.   My next assignment was at Cenizo Park Elementary.  I had the privilege of working with students with deafness once again.  My students and I were housed there for about 3 years.  The department came to realize that the program could not function with one teacher and no certified interpreters.   We had no choice, but to contract with another district to help us provide the services.  It was in about the fall of 1993 that Edgewood ISD began contracting with Northside ISD-Regional Day School for the Deaf.   I then began the job of the itinerant teacher for the hard of hearing students in EISD.   Since then, I’ve been working with students who have hearing impairments throughout the district.   I pose as the liaison between EISD and NISD-RDSPD.  I have been the special ed. facilitator for the alternative center. 
Presently, we have 7 students at the Regional Day School for the Deaf, no students at Texas School for the Deaf and 16 students in the district with hearing impairments.  One of the 16 students has a cochlear implant and has been a challenge for the teacher and myself.   I have traveled throughout Edgewood everyday for the past 18 years supporting our students with hearing impairments.   I’ve also  had the privilege of working with so many AWESOME  teachers and learning from them as well.