Mr. Kelley

This course is designed to help Special Education students. I am the BD teacher. I assist students in all four content areas; Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts/Reading. I am available to the parents and students anytime they need help. I can be reached by phone at 210-444-8040, or by email at
 Behavior Disorder Unit
The BD Unit provides an environment for students who need more individualized instruction and behavioral support. Students are placed in the BD as per their ARD and BIP according to the beneficial time frames for each individual student.   

BD Unit Expectations:

                        Students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis.

                        Students are to work on class assignments while in the BD Unit.

                        Students are expected to respect other students and property.


BD Unit Procedures:

                        Students are to report to class unless assigned to the BD Unit.

                        The teacher may call the BD Unit if the student needs access to the BD Unit.

                        The students are to be escorted to and from the BD Unit.

                        The students are to sign in and out of the BD Unit.

                        If a student walks out of class, the BD Unit is to be notified immediately.