Accelerated Instruction Teacher


   Reading- I work with grade two through five students who are struggling in the areas of Reading. We are using the PassPort Program.  Our focus is on phonics, fluency, and reading compre-hension.  The program is set up so that the students are monitored weekly.  This helps the student realize that he/she is meeting success and document the progress as we move through the program.  We meet for thirty minutes each school day.

   Math- In our Math groups, I see grade two through five students who are missing important skills and concepts in math foundations. Our program is set in modules of the basic skills- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, measurement, and problem solving.  This Voyager Math Program allows for progress monitoring at the end of each module (which entails ten lessons). Each daily session is thirty minutes long.

   Math Maniacs' Club- This is a special program that allows students who did not meet the math standards last spring to come into the Technology Lab each morning at 7:15 am to accelerate their basic computation skills.  We use the Reflex Math Program for this intervention activity.  It is a fun way to learn math facts!