Ms. Morin's Instructional Resource




My instructional resource is reading every night. Reading nightly increases fluency which is very important.  Comprehension is not accomplished without fluency.  Fourth grades students should be able to read minimum 90 wpm. 
 Students are given homework nightly for practice.  Homework is one of the most important responsibilities a student can have.  I am very strict in regards to homework because this teaches a student responsibility. 
Please check your child's travel folder for the  Homework assignments.  If a student does not turn in their homework I may ask the parent to sign at the bottom of each column daily.
Your child is assigned homework EVERYDAY including on Friday for the weekend.
Tutoring is offered: Beginning October 23, 2012

Here you will find a link to TEA (Texas Education Agency). Once you click on the link to the Agency, you will be able to navigate to find all of the 4th grade state standards your child will learn throughout the year.
Look for the STAAR information on the TEA web site.
Student access to Math instructional practice. math skills, test taking practice and games for reinforcement of academic learning: