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Name: Manuel C. Escobedo
Email Address: manuel.escobedo@eisd.net
Campus Phone number: (210) 444-8450 Ext. 6126
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Meet the Teacher
My name is Manuel C. Escobedo, I was born and raised here in San Antonio, Texas.  My mother taught here at Edgewood ISD as a high school Language Arts teacher for over 30 years; she is now enjoying the retired life.  She taught for many years at Edgewood High School, and when it was closed down she transferred to Memorial High School where she taugh English IV until she retired.  My father is a musician and is probably the reason why I integrate so much music in my classroom.  He played in a group "The Royal Jesters" from 1965-1969; and also had his own group "Danny and the Dreamers".  My parents motivated me to try my best, without them I wouldn't be here today.
I graduated high school from the International School of the Americas in 1998 and was active in the front office as the daily bulletin editor; at Robert E. Lee High School I was active in the Marching Band from 1994-1998.
I graduated from UTSA with my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies (fancy for Education) with my certification of EC-6 Bilingual Generalist.  At UTSA I was active in the B.E.S.O. (Bilingual Education Student Organization), which helped bilingual majors to find resources, as well as provide a community in which we could communicate our ideas and network lessons.
Though I am certified to teach bilingual education, here at Winston I am serving as a monolingual English-language teacher. 
I am excited to work with all of the students here at Winston, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks for stopping by to read a little about me...who's ready for a quiz?

:) JK
Mr. E

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