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Winston Elementary -EISD
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Ms. Bachmann…a long time ago!

Can you believe I was a child who struggled in school? I was a daydreamer…and, due to my father’s job we moved from country to country and school to school---sometimes more than twice in a school year. It was not until high school that an inspiring teacher mentioned to me “Beatrice, your grades do not reflect your intelligence.” From that moment onward with the school support and the positive reinforcement of a nurturing professor I went on to become a National Honor Society member, a part of the model United Nations team, and college graduate, ‘summa cum laude’, from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

As a teacher I strive to be the same motivating agent of change in my students…I try to spark their intelligences and help them see their potentials--all while nurturing their innate creativity.

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