Ms. Badillo
Ana P. Badillo, Parent Liaison
444-8450 ext. 6153
Room 109

Hello, Everyone!
My name is Ana P. Badillo and I am very excited to be a part of  the Winston Elementary family. Welcome to my page!
I am the Parent Liaison here at Winston Elementary. On this website you will find helpful resources, links, and a parent engagement calendar.  Statistics show that involved parents help students succeed in school. My desire is for all students to be successful. 

      My goal is to meet every Winston parent and family and to find ways to get each of you engaged in your student's education by getting involved in school and district activities, meetings, classes, councils, etc. If I have not yet met you, please come by or call. I welcome any communication with students, parents and family members. My door is always open. If you are interested in getting involved as a parent volunteer please feel free to contact me or come by my room.(Room 109) I look forward to seeing you soon!

      Parents, at this time please allow me to share with you a very useful tool for getting information about your child's academic progress.  It's called Parent TXConnect. With Parent TXConnect you can access your child's grades, completed assignments, missing assignments, assignment grades, attendance, immunizations, and more. With Parent TXConnect you can keep your eye on your child's progress any where, any time. If you need assistance registering on to Parent TXConnect please call me (444-8450 ext. 6153) come by room 109, or email me ( I will be very happy to assist you.

Norman K. Winston Elementary
Parental Involvement Policy
Edgewood ISD recognizes the need for parental involvement to enhance their presence as role models in an academic environment and encourage support from school personnel, district administrators, and the school board. This is an effort that will promote consistent partnerships between parents and schools.
As vital resources to encourage learning, parents have developed goals that will ensure effective and positive environments which will result in continuing the need for parental involvement.
The partnership between home and Winston Elementary will be supported by the following goals:
  1. School administrators, faculty and staff will provide a nurturing environment and implement instruction which addresses specific needs for children.
  2. The school will encourage 100% of parental involvement, and will recognize parents as partners in education.
  3. Parents will be encouraged and empowered to comment on school policies and to share in decision-making.
  4. Parents will be collaborators in the educational process, and will take an active role in their child's education.
  5. The school will communicate with parents regarding their child's progress and together will develop ways to assist the students.
  6. Parents will be trained to assist students in the classroom environment and on a one-to-one basis.
  7. Winston Elementary will support parents in their own continuing education.

Edgewood ISD and its school board will provide leadership in the development of clear avenues for parental involvement. Full realization of the partnership will be achieved through the ongoing commitment and active participation by both home and school.