Visual Art K-5

C.P Stafford Elementary- EISD
The Program

The Elementary Art Program is founded on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements and has been organized by the EISD fine arts department to follow a Scope and Sequence to ensure alignment throughout the district .This curriculum is based on four basic strands: Perception, Creative Expression/Performance, Historical and Cultural Heritage and Critical Evaluation.

Each of these strands will be addressed in the exploration of various schools of art such as:
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Collage, and Fibers.
Assignments will work to develop the students understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art and Design which include: Line, Shape, Color, Space,Value, Form, Texture, Pattern, Rhythm, Proportion, Balance, Variety, Movement, Unity, and Emphasis. Students will learn to recognize these elements and principles both in art and in their environment, and apply them in their work to create more effective designs.
Students rely on their perceptions of the environment as inspiration for creating artworks. These perceptions are developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings, memories, imagination, and life experiences. They are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imagination, critical thinking,and by developing disciplined effort and problem-solving skills. By analyzing art history of various periods and cultures, students will develop respect for the traditions and contributions of a diverse population, thus enabling them to respond to and analyze artworks, contributing to the development of lifelong skills of making informed judgments and evaluations.
Students assignment grades will be determined by the following criteria:
Completion- Was the work finished and on time?
Craftsmanship- Did the student do their best work?
Objectives- Were the objectives for the assignment met?

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