Welcome to ART! Visual Arts K-5 With Ms. Waid   Studio 143 The 2014 -2015 school year is sure to be a great one!!!   As the Art teacher at Stafford, I strive to inspire the artist within every student, by encouraging creative thought and providing a strong foundation in visual arts. The art experience provides students an opportunity to develop a visual form of communication by exploring the language of Art. Opportunities for enrichment will be provided using a variety of art media and learning skills that apply the arts to all areas of their academic, personal, and professional lives. We will be creating art projects to reflect various themes such as portraits, landscapes, nature, famous artists, and cultural art to name a few. As always, students will be learning art history, vocabulary, media and techniques that are suitable to their grade level, and follow along with the districts scope and sequence plan.  The study of Art is an integral part of student learning designed to promote observation, creativity, experimentation, critical thought, self expression, and cultural awareness. By connecting previous knowledge and experiences, it serves as a bridge to better understanding themselves, each other and the world around them. I look forward to a fabulous year filled with amazing student work!                                             Be on the look out for student exhibits throughout the year. Some important things to keep in mind: *Art is sometimes messy.  Although the supplies we use are washable and non-toxic, some colors, such as red and black, can possibly stain. To keep this from happening, you can check your child's schedule for their art day (teacher's will have this), and have them wear clothing that is o.k. for art mishaps (perhaps an older uniform shirt), or have them bring in an art smock or a larger,old t-shirt that is easy to pull on. I do provide apron and shirts, which are washed regularly, but students may be more comfortable with their own. They can usually keep these in their cubby in their classroom.
Last Modified on January 23, 2015