Come and See What We're Doing! 
November 26th - November 30th  
Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! :-). This week we explored combinations in math.  Our photo gallery captured the different combinations you might have if you have two phones and different colored cases.  We also explored different properties of soil and took all our observations and placed them in a circle map.

October 1st - October 5th 
This week we explored how mixtures can be separated using different tools. Although this investigation was exciting and messy :-), it was a learning experience on teamwork and collaboration.

September 24th - September 28th 
This week we explored rounding using our rounding roller coaster. We also collected, organized, charted and analyze data we collected as a class. We extended our understanding of adding and subtracting decimals by using a brace map to determine the perimeter of different photo frames. We had to understand that the perimeter of a rectangular photo frame is made up of four parts and each part has a measurement.

September 17th-21st 
This week we explored the physical properties of matter, which included: size, appearance, buoyancy, magnetism, texture, and color. It was a great learning opportunity for us to utilize the Science Word wall at the Science Center while we were working to remind us of our investigation objective. As you are looking through the photo gallery, you will notice that there are students in the background who looking at the Science word wall in the back! :-). Our next goal, is not just to interact with the Science Word Wall but make it attractive and useful. Look for more pics in the future of that!

September 10th-14th
Although this week has been an "unusual" week. I would like to thank all of our parents for their support in continuing to send all our students to school despite us having to relocate to the Fine Arts Academy these past few days.  Even though we weren't in our classroom, I am very proud of the hard work we continued to put forth. We created a number line for whole numbers up to 999,999,999 and decimals numbers; which we hung across the stage. It was such a teacher's dream to see such productive students walking back and forth to the stage to fill in the number line with a tree map for their given number.
September 4th-7th
We did an amazing job dissecting the concept of decimals by creating tree maps with branches of written form, picture model and fraction. We also worked in teams creating a map of different regions in Texas and bringing them back to together to complete our jigsaw project.