Hello and Welcome!

I am very proud and honored to serve my community as a teacher. Growing up, the notion of learning and education has always been very important to me.  My personal philosophy in regards to teaching is that we must instruct the whole child. We must prepare our students to be excellent, confident citizens in our community, in addition to being academically driven.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls, Claire and Jilly. As they phase through being two and four years old, they have been my inspiration everyday.  Watching them tinker and absorb information in moments that I would not imagine has really motivated me to approach teaching through a different venue. One that, in turn, will also inspire my students to learn and grow. Hopefully, you will be able to catch a glimpse of these great moments as your explore our classroom Student Showcase Gallery and Classroom Newsletters.
Here's to another amazing and fast paced year!