Fourth Grade Expectations

Ms. Betancourt

Stafford Elementary School

Room 201



I believe that EVERY student can learn therefore, in our classroom it is expected that EVERY child will meet their goals.  Together we will achieve success!  I am always here, willing to help you in anyway that I can.


Homework is assigned daily.  Homework is a review and practice of the concepts we have addressed in class. Please let me know if your child is struggling with homework.  I am available to work with them as needed.  Students are expected to read at home for a minimum of 60 minutes daily (Monday-Thursday) and a minimum of 90 minutes daily on weekends and holidays (Friday-Sunday)!


READING/Language Arts: The reading concepts that are introduced in the first nine weeks are the foundation for the whole year. We will be studying many different genres of books as well as analyzing literature and creating unique projects based on our findings.  I encourage you to read with your child and visit the public library check out books.  You and your child can visit the "Assignments" section of our class webpage as well as the "helpful links" section to gain access to informative reading and writing websites or clicking here.



MATH: We are introducing many new concepts in 4th grade such as place value with decimals and long division. A solid understanding and grasp of the multiplication facts are key to your child being successful this school year.  We practice the multiplication facts on a daily basis in the classroom and your child is expected to work with you daily at home as well.  I have provided multiplication cards to each student for practice at home. There are many helpful math game websites that can be found  here


SCIENCE: This school year, your child will have many opportunities to engage in fun and enriching science experiments.  Be sure to check out these fun and exciting science websites 


SOCIAL STUDIES: The children are excited to be learning about different Native American tribes that lived in Texas.  They are learning about the types of government, housing, food and way of life of these Native American groups. The students will be working collaboratively on a long term project on the Native American Texans.