Ms. Roxanne Cerna
Fourth Grade
Room 209
Students may wear jeans and any Stafford spirit shirt or collar shirt on Fridays if they have: No Tardies, No Absences, No Referrals, and have completed Homework all week. No Exceptions! No Excuses!
Students who have perfect attendance: No Tardies and No Absences, can come out into the hallway at 3:00 every Friday and DANCE!!! to a song that plays loudly over the intercom.
Students who have reached their teacher assigned AR goal points will have the privelage of attending the AR dance at the end of every nine weeks.
Students who have perfect attendance, No Tardies and No Absences will eat "take out" pizza, salad, fruit, and a drink in the classroom with the teacher once a month and watch a movie!
Students who reach 150 AR points will win a field trip to Incredible Pizza in May. They will receive all the pizza, desserts, and drink they can handle and a $20 game card for free!