1st Nine Weeks(44 days)

Unit1:  Physical Properties of Matter (15 days)

Unit2:  Mixtures and Solutions (8 days)

Unit3:  Forms of Energy (20 days)


2nd Nine Weeks(45 days)

Unit4: The Changing Earth (25 days)

Unit5: Investigating the Natural World (15 days)

3rd Nine Weeks(44 days)

Unit6: Patterns of the Earth (10 days)

Unit7: Traits  (10 days)

Unit8: Energy Flow in Living Systems  (15days)


4th Nine Weeks(47 days)

 Unit 9: Adaptations for Survival (15 days)

Unit10:  Life Cycles of Living Organisms (10days)

Unit11:  The Scientific Method:  Science Fair Project (15 days)