The mission of the Stafford's Guidance Department is to provide educational experiences for students grades Pre-K thru Fifth that will help develop their potential intellectually, socially, and emotionally. To strengthen self-esteem and motivate students to be life-long learners, enabling them to be in an increasingly complex world.


Ms. Norma Ortiz * Counselor

As  Stafford's Counselor I am  committed to advocate for all students.
I  work with students both individually and in groups. I also conduct
and give  classroom  guidance lessons to all grade levels, Pre-K thru
5th  grade. I counsel with parents, administration and staff to ensure
the success, safety and well being of our Stafford students.
Five major  components  I address are;  Individual Planning, Guidance
and Curriculum, Responsive Services, System Support and Coordination
of Services. Other areas of concern include Career, Public Relations and
Educational Goals.
I am available beteewn the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  My office
is located  in the main front section of the school, room #169.  I can be
 reached on my direct line, (210) 444-8404. Our Stafford
school number is (210)444-8400.