2013-14 Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees

Bake Sale    Bake Sale by Sara Varon (AR Reading Level = 2.7)
Flying the Dragon   Flying the Dragon by Natalie Dias Lorenzi (AR Reading Level = 4.1)
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe   Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia Clifton (AR Reading Level = 3.8)
Ghetto Cowboy   Ghetto Cowboy by G. Neri (AR Reading Level = 4.0)
Giants Beware!   Giants Beware! by Rafael Rosado and Jorge Aguirre (AR Reading Level = 2.3)
Glory Be   Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood (AR Reading Level = 4.3)
The Humming Room   The Humming Room by Ellen Potter (AR Reading Level = 5.2)
Laugh with the Moon   Laugh with the Moon by Shana Burg (AR Reading Level = 4.5)
One and Only Ivan   The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (AR Reading Level = 3.6)
Tua and the Elephant   Tua and the Elephant by R.P. Harris (AR Reading Level = 5.2)
Waiting for the Magic   Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan (AR Reading Level = 3.0)
Walls Within Walls   Walls Within Walls by Maureen Sherru (AR Reading Level = 5.2)
Whatever After   Whatever After Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski (AR Reading Level = 2.8)
Wonder   Wonder by R.J. Palacio (AR Reading Level = 4.8)
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Last Modified on December 6, 2013