Checking Out Books

Parents may come to the library before and after school once they have received a pass from the office.  They may check out up to 5 books and keep them for up to 2 weeks. 
(Pre-K & Kindergarten)
Students in these grades are not allowed to checkout books and should have parents come by the library to checkout items.  These classes will be scheduled to come to the library every other week. 
 (1st grade)
First grade classes are scheduled to come to the library every week.  These students are allowed to checkout one book every week but are encouraged not to take their books home. 
(2nd - 5th grade)
Students in these grades are allowed to checkout two books every time they come to the library which will be every week.  They are encouraged to read their books and take AR tests on them in order to earn points.  Once they have taken their tests, they may come to the library in the morning, after school, or during Open Periods to checkout new books. 
Teachers are allowed to checkout up to 40 books at a time for a two week period.  Since these books are checked out under the teacher's account, it is suggested that student use be supervised so that mistreatment of books does not occur. 
Remember that the books are the responsibility of the individual checking them out.  If anything occurs to the books during the time they are out, it is that individual's responsibility to pay for damages or loss. 

Last Modified on December 6, 2013