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Technology Integration
What is technology integration?
Technology integration is the "use of technology to enhance the learning experience for your students." (Newby, T., 2006)
Why do we have to use technology in the classroom?
Technology integration can aid in the development and delivery of learning experiences. Teachers are able to maintain student interest when using technology if lesson has been planned appropriately. Teachers are also responsible for teaching the TEKS. The TEKS include technology. Click here to view technology TEKS. There are also state technology standards we must address. SBEC Technology Standards  There are teacher and student national standards as well. NETS-T NETS-S For technology benchmarks, click here.
What does technology integration look like?
Technology integration is seamless. The technology should fit the assignment and not make the assignment fit the technology. Students should be interacting with the available multimedia technology.
Updated 10/10/11