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1st week of school  August 26-30
Reading/Language Arts
High-Frequency Sight Words (a review of kinder words): and, the, like, I, to, a, we, see,  down, out, off, is, this, will, be, go, for, what

Week of September 3-6
Reading/Language Arts
Spelling Words:  am, man, at, dad, sat, mat 
High-Frequency Sight Words:  and, you, be, play, help, with
Phonics Focus:  Words with Short a, Consonants n, d, p, f
Reading Comprehension:  main idea, summarize
Genres:  Informational, Poetry
Focus Question: What is important about being a friend?
Decodable Readers (Look for them in book bag and practice! practice! practice!):
1. Nan and Dan    2.  Nat Cat     3.  Fan, Fan, Fan
Grammar: Nouns
Week of September 9-13
Reading/Language Arts
Spelling Words:  it, rip, is, fit, him, pin
High-Frequency Sight Words:  for, he, what, look, have, too
Phonics Focus:  Words with short i, r, h, /z/s, b, g    Phonogram: it
Reading Comprehension: understanding characters, infer/predict
Genres: realistic fiction, article (science)
Focus Question: What clues tell you how a character feels?
Decodable Readers (book bag practice and homework):
1. Can it Fit?      2.  I Ran    3. Pam
Grammar:  nouns








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