Success to 2nd Grade

As the year comes to end, please keep in mind that students learning continues till the last days of school. The information below will help your child succeed in 2nd grade.
Reading: Reading everyday with help increase fluency and comprehension skills. Every nine weeks the students set point goals to reach a reading level at the end of the school year. Every nine weeks students that meet their point goal and comprehension goal receive prizes or snacks. End of the year incentive for reaching 50 points is an invitation to Peter Piper Pizza for a party. This years top AR readers are Janessa with 55 points and Jared with 52 points.
Math: Students use their prior knowledge of standard measurement to apply it to measuring mass and capacity and finding area.
Science: This nine weeks we will be learning about the basic needs of animals and plants. How animals use characteristics to survive, food chains, and life cycle of insects. Study for upcoming benchmark.
Summer Vacation: Students received a reading list from the District to expose them to different genres. This would be a great time to visit the library and get library cards to check out books.

Last Modified on May 21, 2012